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Origins of Evil: The Haunted Jim Jones Church (A Demon In Human Form)

In 1978, a cult called "The People's Temple" resided in Guyana under a delusional leader named Jim Jones. With over 1,000 members on sight at Jonestown the American government started to investigate reports of inhumane conditions in the settlement. A congressman was met with hostility and was assassinated by members of "The People's Temple" under the orders of Jim Jones himself. Fearing the consequences of these actions, Jones activated a plan that he had set up and practiced for years. Called, 'White Night" almost every member drank from a tub of cyanide laced Flavor-Aid. As a result, 918 people lost or gave up their lives at Jonestown (304 were children 17 and under). Under the leadership of a madman, "The People's Temple" went down in history as one of the most shocking tragedies in the history of the United States of America. But what made the madman, Jim Jones, who he became? Where did his story begin? To find that answer, we travel to small town Indiana. To the town that raised Jim Jones. In that town is a small church where Jones attended from age 3 to age 16. Where he learned the scriptures, learned about God, and possibly where his path to Jonestown first began. No one knew until recently, but this church has some shocking paranormal activity. Apparitions have been captured, shadow figures have been seen, footsteps have been heard, and many other supernatural phenomena has been captured. This place is said to be haunted not only by it's connection to America's most evil cult leader, but also by the ghosts of those who attended and ran this church. Many of them aren't open to visitors. What waits for us inside the haunted Jim Jones church? Within, a place that can be considered the origin of an evil man, does the demon in human form, Jim Jones, still linger in happier times? This haunting adventure is sure to be interesting!

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