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Gran Turismo Movie Review

I got to see Gran Turismo in a surprisingly full Monday evening theater in West Georgia. It was featured on Regal Cinema's Monday Mystery Movie series.

If your not familiar with their program, the title of the movie is kept secret and it's a title that hasn't been officially released.

That said, when the title was revealed there was a mix of reactions. Some cheers ,some boos, but after the dust had settled those that were doing the booing hadn't abandon their seats. Myself and the 30+ other people in that theater strapped in for a ride we didn't anticipate because we actually had no clue what we were seeing.

Honestly, if it hadn't been for the circumstance described above I wouldn't have likely seen this movie in theaters. I'm not absolutely sure I would have watched it at all.

My only pre-existing personal tie to it is via the name sake as it was part of my childhood, but not even a big part of my childhood. Of course I played the game, but I think you may struggle to find a 36-year-old American man who hadn't played it at least once.

In addition to that, separate from this film, and maybe one other film, I have zero fandom for Formula 1.

I am happy that I got to see the film. It host a wonderful cast that use their characters to tell a story that I only care about because I instantly fell in love with those characters and their portrayal from said cast.

Also, though I am unfamiliar, it was excellent to see some amount of Formula1 racing. Don't get me wrong, in this house we watch the stock car racing, but having watched this movie if I ever seen Formula1 in a public setting I wouldn't be as lost as I would have been without it.

The camera work and directing were most beautiful, but there were parts that were equally as bad, almost inciting motion sickness.

In closing. This was a fun watch, and I would be glad to watch it again. However, I myself will not be seeking it out. Thusly, it reaches a solid 3 of 5 stars.

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